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Monday, March 25, 2013

Evernote 5 Reaches Android

Android caught up to IOS today with Evernote 5 appearing in the Play Store.

Evernote announced the details in their blog post today.

The big news is an updated camera.  Now you can take several photos at one time for inclusion into a single Note.

Also, there is a new camera mode, Page Mode.  It lets you put photos of documents into Evernote easier.

Evernote describes it :
Just align the page with the on-screen rectangle and take the photo. The app will find the edges of the page, remove any shadows and improve the contrast, so you’ll have a perfect copy in Evernote.
This works well too with their Smart Notebook by Moleskin.  With special Moleskin notebooks, your written word can end up in Evernote quickly and accurately.

I have to admit, this kind of feature does not excite me much.  I hate writing anything by hand.  But that's just me.

Exciting though is Shortcuts.  Now when you touch the right hand part of the screen and swipe to the left, a Shortcuts page appears.  If you long touch any Note, you get the option to add it to the Shortcuts page.

People have long asked for the ability to Star a Note, like Google lets you Star Gmail messages, or documents in Drive etc.  In my book, Get Productive Fast with Evernote, I've suggested having a tag "Starred" that you add to important Notes and then a Saved Search for Notes with the tag "Starred"  And on my phone, I've added a desktop shortcut for Starred Notes too.

Shortcuts in Evernote 5 does away for this workaround.

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