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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Google Keep - Will Google Keep it around?

The closing of Google Reader may go down in history as a major Public Relations debacle.

A lot of people may not have used Reader, but those who did included almost every tech journalist around, and many other journalists as well.

Ticking of Tech Influencers is never a good idea.

This can best be seen with today's announcement of Google Keep.  Keep is a web app, and Android app (so far) for storing information.  It can store notes, check lists, photos and automatically transcribed audio.

It's similarities to Evernote are readily apparent.

And is suitability for the upcoming Google Glass is apparent too.

But before we can look at the features, or how exciting it might be with something like Glass, we have to ask ourselves will it be around ten years from now?  Or twenty?

If we entrust it to log our life's details, we want to know it will be around.

Coming within just days of Google Reader's abandonment, I'm not the only person to wonder this.  I saw many Tweet's tonight raising the issue.  This is but one :

I have to agree with Dave Winer:

The positive is that Google always leaves users a way to get their data out of a tool should they shut it down.

Evernote too, has ways to get their data out.

The plus tonight for Evernote is lately they have been talking about being a one hundred year company.  They get it, that their tool is worth much more to users if we can depend on being able to get to our data for our lifetimes.

Whether they can do that remains to be seen.  They are after all a business who has to do what is right for their investors.  But it is nice to know they know the value of continuing to serve their customers.

Two week's ago, we wouldn't raised this issue with Keep's release.  Google sure made it harder for Keep to get adoption with their Reader misstep.

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