Get Productive Fast with Evernote, an e-book to help you get the most from the popular Evernote application.
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Get Productive with Evernote

Get Productive Fast with Evernote is a 136 page e-book written by a long time, recognized user of Evernote.

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The books table of contents:

Chapter 1 - Introduction  
Part I – Evernote Operation
Chapter 2 - Evernote Basics
Chapter 3 - Getting Information Into Evernote
Chapter 4 - Organizational Strategies and Searching
Chapter 5 - Sharing
Chapter 6 - Mobile 
Part II – Evernote Uses
Chapter 7 - Your First Day with Evernote
Chapter 8 : Evernote at Home
Chapter 9 : Using Evernote for Research and School
Chapter 10: Evernote for Work - Paid and Volunteer  
Part III - Advanced Topics
Chapter 11 - Printing, Security and Backup
Chapter 12 :
Chapter 13 - Managing your Task List  
Final Thoughts

The book comes in PDF format.

You may already know my work with Evernote.  My blog post "Your First Day with Evernote" has been read  over 12,000 times by new Evernote users.  This book goes far beyond the concepts in that blog post and talks about using Evernote in all parts of your personal and professional lives.

This book will be an ongoing project.  All purchasers will receive any versions that are released up to one year from purchase.

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